Really? Drones for Automated Inventory Counts?


In fact, there are lots of options!

We’ve worked with multiple software options that enable highly efficient and accurate inventory data collection. There are many options available to fill various industry-specific needs—examples might include specialized software designed for the needs of oil refineries or construction sites.

Many options exist for indoor warehouses and out-door storage yards. Sometimes this can be as simple as automated routes while querying barcodes or RFID beacons. Other scenarios can include calculation of captured volumetric imagery that generate highly-accurate volume (or weight based on density variables) data collection events.

Automation can be used to increase count accuracy while reducing the time AND cost of performing counts.

The following article highlights some of the key inventory-count principles that can be automated using drones and automation:

As an added bonus, Xcellerated Solutions specializes in connecting drone inventory capture software with your back-end office (ERP) systems. We can help with all aspects of planning, purchase selection, training, software installation and implementation, and integration. (Visit our sister website at for more information on our commercial drone services.)