Xcellerated Solutions (XS) has decades of experience with numerous ERP systems. We have worked with hundreds of businesses to understand business processes, warehouse functionality, EDI integration and requirements, and optimize workflows. Because of our unique blend of accounting knowledge and technical expertise, we are uniquely poised to advise on both best practices and worst-case scenarios.

Our ERP system of choice is Acumatica!

Acumatica is an amazing system for any company that wants to break through barriers that may be holding them back. It is easily customizable, has pre-written integrations to many types of systems (Amazon, Shopify, Avalara, DocuSign, and many others), and provides you with your data, anywhere, at any time.

Selling software is an important part of our business, but we also love to help with your existing solutions.

Even the best ERP consultants have gaps in their talent pool–we have consistently been the team that has saved the day–we have not found a situation we can’t improve significantly.

Areas where we can help:

Advocacy / Selection

Local or remote, we have the tools and the knowledge to help you select the software that best fits your needs (whether we directly sell it or not). XS can assist in clearing out the confusing jargon, and can help you by asking your potential vendor the hard questions.

We KNOW when they are simply “selling” and can help you weed through the confusing details. We have insights and understandings of mission-critical components (like EDI, Ecommerce, and Warehouse Management) that can make a real difference in solutions selection.


We have consistently proven our ability to adapt to new systems, new environments, and new database structures. Even if your team has highly skilled and talented people, our broad exposure to multiple systems gives a us a unique ability to help even the best and brightest in your organization implement more effective solutions.

Many of our initial (free) conversations with potential clients have empowered organizations to do things they did not know were possible–give us a call and see if we can help!


Even the best-conceived plans can go sideways. We love to step into challenged projects and turn things around.

We have been go-to “special forces” ERP consultants that have consistently succeeded in difficult situations. We’ve bailed out many troubled implementations, and we can help improve your situation–no matter where you are stuck.


The talent and experience of our staff is SECOND TO NONE!

We’ve seen just about every type of business process, home-grown-software, and database format you can imagine (even awesome oldies like COBOL and AS-400). It doesn’t scare us, and we can figure it out if you’re stuck. XS can help you leverage your information to assist in making better decisions to ultimately make you more money.

Report Writing

Whether it’s Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting, or even QuickBooks data mining, we can help.

XS has written thousands of Crystal forms, BI data sets, Excel pivot tables, Access reports, and even custom data dumps that have helped companies make better business decisions.


Remote or on-site, we’ve trained office personnel, warehouse workers, programmers, and even C-Level executives on the best way to use the systems already in place.

We can train your accounting staff on proper use of procedures and controls, and can help develop better workflows. We can teach your staff what tools they already have (and might not know how to fully utilize.)

Systems Audit

Do you know who has your data? Do you have proper controls in place? Are your backups secure and restorable? Do you want to improve your data security?

We don’t have to take over as your primary IT solution–but we can help you work better and more confidently with your current provider.


Everybody gets stuck. We know how to figure things out and get results for you.

It’s just that simple…

(Give us a try. We won’t disappoint.)