I’ve had the principles of proper learning and the role of training in successful learning on my mind quite heavily the past few days. I have a wonderful little boy who is turning two soon. He is learning to talk, what sounds animals make, how to sleep in his brand new big-kid bed, and how to interact with/deal with changes in his environment. As I watch him try to figure out how the world works and how to exist in it, I feel myself compelled to show him, teach him, and guide him through these new discoveries. Sometimes he wants my help, sometimes he resists, but eventually realizes I was guiding him to be successful in his expanding world. Oh, how much fun it is to see him get excited about his success!

I get to have these kinds of amazing experiences at home, but what is even more special is how I can see the experiences I’m having with him mirror the work I do with my clients at work (not literally, but the principles apply). To my son, the most stressful thing in his life is change – a disruption from his norm. He may be young, but no matter your age, you can likely relate to that change-induced stress. Change in your business systems can follow that same pattern. Different processes, different screens, different buttons, different reports. You can’t avoid change forever, your business will require change in your systems at one point or another. How can you be the most successful in these changing systems with minimal amounts of pain and stress?

You’ll find the answer to that question in the same place my son does:

Me. I’m your key to success! (Just kidding, but only kind of)

t Xcellerated Solutions, we have a really unique talent of understanding where you are, what your limitations are, where you want to go, and how to minimize your pain getting there. Why should you have to blindly enter uncharted territory for your business without a guide? The reality is you shouldn’t have to. You should have access to a guide of sorts, someone who can train you in your new systems, show you tips to save you time, and even change the system so it better fits your needs. It might be painful to make these changes, but we want to be your “father figure” in your system changes. Oh, how fun it is to see our clients get excited about their success!

Regardless of where you are at in your systems (whether you are ready to change software now or have avoided considering it for fear of change), we want to help you. You should have to hold your success back for fear of change and the pain that comes with it. Even if you have already made changes and are going through growing pains, we can help you alleviate those growing pains. Like asking a father to help you get something off a shelf, a simple 15-minute free consultation on how we can work together and alleviate pain might be your key to moving forward successfully.