We specialize in making your systems work together, helping you leverage your business processes, create checks and balances in your workflows, and ensuring your software works for you.

Through strong data and business-process driven integrations, you can maximize efficiencies while proactively anticipating and eliminating costly mistakes and oversights.

Custom EDI Interfaces

We can assist with automating every type of Electronic Data Interchange (standard and non-standard.) We can write custom EDI documents for use with any provider, automate Positive Pay file generation, and other non-standard interfaces like bank Drop Box payment processing. We can talk about data fluently with your trading partners and can help you wade through the red-tape that usually causes frustration.


Whether your systems use an open database solution (like SQL Server, Oracle, Access, or MySQL), a closed database (like QuickBooks), or even spreadsheet-based storage, we can help your varied systems talk to each other in ways that will improve your reporting and efficiency dramatically.

Cloud Integration

We have extensive experience integrating your new or existing solution with Cloud data environments. Many ERP systems have built-in connectors and constructs that allow reliable communications. We have successfully linked many separate systems using automated Web Services (API Programming), asynchronous methods (like FTP or drop box file transfers), and manual (button push event) integrations.


It is very common for some systems to be fully “in the Cloud” whilom Cloud environments, push data to Cloud systems, and allow your On-Premise systems to work seamlessly with any environment you or your trading partners might use.

ERP to eCommerce

It is very common for modern ERP systems to boast an interface with eCommerce websites. We have WRITTEN many interfaces from ERP systems to varied eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WebJaguar, nopCommerce, and various PHP, ASP, .NET, and other web-based environments. We fully understand the bi-directional data flows necessary to keep a website’s Inventory, Customer, Transactional History, and Pricing information current while processing new Orders accurately and easily. We specialize in communicating the various data challenges between all related parties, and have had 100% success in our implementations.

Custom Front End and Bridge Development

When all the built-in customization and integration capabilities of any given system fail, we can build bridges to make your workflow as seamless as possible. When full-blown customization and integration fails (or is FAR TOO EXPENSIVE to consider), we can design and build quick bridges using technologies like HTML, Excel, Access, Outlook, and other desktop-oriented techniques to allow users to streamline work. Examples include:

  • Amazon, eBay, and other similar providers often have file upload capabilities. We can build bridges that allow you to control the flow of data without having to do data entry–you select the timing and transactions, and the data moves for you automatically.
  • Web-based interface on existing warehouse barcode scanner guns to do out-of-the box creative workarounds for holes in WMS systems (things like barcode verification using images, extra transactions, hyper receiving or shipping, or other non-standard warehouse activities.)
  • Super-streamlined data entry screens that bypass normal ERP licensing requirements and allow for distributed data entry (examples include iPad or Android interfaces that can capture orders remotely, desktop-based data entry programs that show/hide information dynamically based on user requirements, or complex rule-based verification of Customer Orders, Vendor Purchase Orders, or Material Requirements Planning (MRP) that create on-the-fly transactions)
  • Exchange/Office 365 calendars that dynamically have shipping or receiving appointments bi-directionally pushed/pulled to/from an ERP system, including advanced functionality like visual cue (color changes) on appointments based on the early/on time/late status of drivers.
  • Custom EDI interfaces that allow you to bypass the web-based data entry and can flawlessly (without data entry errors and resulting fines) and help you manage your orders instead of worrying about data management.