Website Integration

It is very common for modern ERP systems to boast an interface with eCommerce websites. Xcellerated Solutions has written many interfaces from ERP systems to varied eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WebJaguar, nopCommerce, and various PHP, ASP, .NET, and other web-based environments. We fully understand the bi-directional data flows necessary to keep a website’s Inventory, Customer, Transactional History, and Pricing information current while processing new Orders accurately and easily. XS specializes in communicating the various data challenges between all related parties, and have had 100% success in our implementations.

Data Scrubbing and Validation

With over 20 years of ERP-specific data conversions, there is nobody that has more experience with more systems than Xcellerated Solutions.

We leverage various methods for transforming your data into/from any format available. We understand the intricacies of databases, flat files, delimited formats, or even screen-scraping using robot technology to capture and format your data quickly and accurately.

We have rescued MANY challenged implementations for MANY resellers of MANY ERP systems world-wide, and can help with your situation.

QuickBooks Data Extracts

In addition to more traditional database technologies, we are experts in QuickBooks data conversions, and can accurately and completely transform every Invoice or Bill with all related applications, linkages, and transactions that might affect your Customer or Vendor balances.

Another challenge we have conquered is to fully convert every QuickBooks GL transaction into a single General Ledger extract. Because QuickBooks does not maintain a fully-parallel ledger at the data level (the only transactions in a QuickBooks GL data file are the General Journal Entries—all other GL-affecting transactions are derived dynamically in the QuickBooks reporting engine by mining the transactions to construct the Income Statements or Balance Sheets.) Using proprietary technology called OpenSync (create linkage to OpenSync here with our referral code), we can extract all relevant data to a temporary database and create any extract file you might need.

Database Support and Development

We can support any database format, and have many successful projects in use at countless companies.

Although modern ERP systems and business-operation software often have customization options, there are many advantages to building integrated and bolt-on applications OUTSIDE of your current system to allow tighter controls and expanded workflows.

Imagine how you might DECREASE fines/downtime/inefficiency or increase profits/competitive advantages by implementing extra alerts for business-critical situations, simplified or remote/cloud data entry solutions, avoidance of irrelevant licensing constraints (perfectly legal and ethical!), and tight integration of parallel systems.

Xcellerated Solutions has extensive experience developing highly-leveraged custom workflows by utilizing database technologies including:

  • Azure Development
  • MS Access Development
  • MS SQL Server Development
  • MS SQL Server Administration & Troubleshooting
  • MySQL Development and Administration
  • Oracle Development and Administration

We also have 30+ years’ experience with development in User Interface technologies including:

  • .Net Development (C#, VB.Net, etc.)
  • Ecommerce Platforms (WordPress, Magento, WebJaguar, nopCommerce, and many others)
  • MS Access (Screens, linked front-end integration, VBA)
  • Web Languages (HTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, Java, JS)
  • Outlook Web Services Integrations
  • Salesforce (Lightning Component Framework, APEX, Visualforce)
  • NetSuite (SuiteTalk, SuiteScript, SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow)
  • And many others…