Xcellerated Solutions LLC (XS) has over 20 years’ experience implementing, integrating, and customizing Sage 500. XS has not only supported many clients directly but has also worked in sub-contractor relationships with numerous Sage 500 reseller partners throughout the United States. Our team is the “special forces” of Sage 500 customization and integration development, and when the large players need help, they often come to us.

XS has trained, supported, and augmented Sage 500 ERP developers and corporate development groups from Tampa Bay to Seattle (and San Diego to New York). Our developers and DBA support staff are elite level, supporting as many as 30 SQL Servers in a cluster. We have extensive experience optimizing database systems so that large organizations experience the top performance possible.

Sage 500 ERP is a “Mature” technology and will eventually be discontinued. Many organizations still rely on Sage 500 ERP to run their operations and do custom development using source code and available tools.

XS has the experience to troubleshoot the most complex data scenarios (including Inventory transaction history) and can do database-level repair to fix problems that even Sage support has been unable to conquer.

Sage 500 ERP Technology Summary

  • SQL Server: Highly scalable, customizable, and integrable using native SQL technologies and connectors—most business logic can be reused (API Style) to leverage validations, custom logic, and rapid development. All history can be mined using any SQL Server-compatible application.
  • Microsoft .NET and VB Client: User interface software can be installed on individual PC or on a Remote Desktop server environment.
  • Crystal Reports is used for all system-generated reports.
  • Security: SQL Server, Integrated Login (Windows)
  • Numerous 3rd-party integrated solutions exist — Avalara, Concur, WMS Systems, EDI Providers, etc.
  • Xcellerated Solutions has vast experience with customizations, integrations, and custom data analysis and imports. (If you would like to view a detailed list of customization and integration projects we have done, you can request one through the button below)


  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Distribution
    • Inventory Management (Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Bin, Light Kitting)
    • Sales Order
    • Purchase Order
    • Warehouse Management
    • Replenishment
  • Manufacturing
    • Discrete
    • Process (with customizations or 3rd-party modules)
    • MRP
  • Project Accounting
  • Customizer – User-level form customization capabilities designed to allow interaction with screen elements without heavy coding
  • Sage Intelligence Reporting (Financial Reports)
  • Sage Enterprise Intelligence (Enterprise-Class BI)

Industries Served

  • Import / Export
  • Distribution (Wholesale and Consumer)
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Multi-Level / Network Marketing
  • Hybrid Environments


  • SQL Server-level integration and customization
  • Open Database with built-in business logic
  • Full Source Code available
  • Proven Stability
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