WordPress Setup

WordPress is a powerful, simple, and easy way to get your website started. From a baseline perspective, it can be a competitive option for creating a website with the functionality you need, but not be over complicated. However, depending on the hosting options you are looking at, it can still be a little technical to get yourself started. There are more than a few options to get started.

  • Do you want WordPress managed hosting through a third-party provider?
  • We can help you make the right choice
  • Do you want to independently host your site on your own webserver?
  • We can help you do the setup, installation, and assist troubleshooting

Regardless of how you choose to host, let us help you get it done correctly the first time so you can start making your WordPress site your own.

WordPress Customization

Whether you are looking for the right theme, the right plugin, or just the right content, we are experts at helping you find/customize the correct fit for your site. Even if you find a great theme, you may not like the nuances of the color scheme, white space, font choice, etc. We have extensive training in web development and can help you find the right look.Beyond look and feel, sometimes WordPress functionality just doesn’t meet your standards. Fortunately, WordPress lets you add on functionality through plugins. We know how to utilize plugins to make them work for you. Your vision for your site doesn’t have to fall short. Let us help you exceed and refine your vision with our tailored WordPress customization.


Do you need help connecting your site with your other business processes? Let us help you integrate. With years of experience integrating a variety of processes with websites, we can help you unify your business across all platforms. Whether you are bringing your data to WordPress or you want to export your data from WordPress, creative solutions are available. Your systems deserve to be connected. Let us empower you to get there.Some things that you might consider integrating to your WordPress site are integrations with your social media accounts, eCommerce platforms, and information collection through opt-in forms. Your success doesn’t have to be hindered by the fact that your systems don’t talk to each other.

Website Conversion

Do you have an existing website that you want converted over to WordPress? We can definitely help with that. We understand that older Content Management Systemss (CMS) may not have functionality that is flexible enough for your needs. WordPress can give you that flexibility. The hard part seems like it would be moving all your old info and style to this new platform, right?Wrong!

We have years of experience doing data conversions. We have the know how to make your transition from your old CMS to WordPress as simple and seamless as possible. We would love to help you make the move. Just send us and email and lets see what we can do for you.