Need a new system? Need help where you're at?

Xcellerated Solutions can simplify inventory processes with flexible item management, quality traceability, and robust replenishment to balance supply and demand.

If you are in need of a new system to cover your inventory management, Acumatica is the best of the best. With Acumatica's cloud-based inventory management system, we can help YOUR business run at the speed of today's market. The powerful features of a born-in-the-cloud software empowers YOUR company to control system-wide inventory and drive inventory efficiency without losing sight of costs.

Advantages of Acumatica:

  • Robust kitting and disassembly

  • Streamlined item management with matrix items using attributes

  • Powerful replenishment for automated orders

  • Quality traceability with lot and serial control

  • Flexible locations by warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf, and bin

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