If your business relies on E-Commerce, you’ve had to find ways to work around the struggles that come with making sure the information you present to (and collect from) your trading partners is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant.

Automation is a bad word in many organizations (and full automation is often difficult to achieve), but we’ve helped hundreds of small-to-large organizations patch holes, automate problematic transactions and information transfers, and streamline efficiency and accuracy by automating where possible and helpful.

Xcellerated Solutions can help with all aspects of E-Commerce projects, especially with eliminating bottlenecks and struggles with:

Managing Online Orders (from One or More Source)

  • When you deal with one online order source (like Amazon, eBay, or a website like Shopify or Magento), it can be difficult to build end-to-end processes that make sure you are able to fill orders quickly and accurately. This is especially true when you want to proactively engage your customers through marketing, follow-up nurturing or newsletters, or with tracking and training information.
  • When you work with more than one online order source, the problems compound…
  • Xcellerated Solutions can help with all aspects of your online order fulfillment process, and can build bridges and partnerships between your Inventory, Warehouse, Shipping, ERP/Accounting, and online systems. We have worked with enough different systems that we can often help with ideas for workflows that provide better information. With better information flow (accuracy and relevance), your customers are happier, your costs are lower, and your revenues ultimately increase.

Inventory Synchronization and Cross-Collaboration with/between Online Ecommerce Platforms (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Self-Hosted, etc.)

  • One of the biggest challenges of managing an online E-Commerce engine is making sure your inventory available for sale has accurate for-sale quantities and descriptions. While on-site databases and spreadsheets are usually kept up to date with reality, it’s tougher to keep your online databases synchronized with the same information! It’s important NOT to disappoint customers by telling them a product is out of stock a few days after purchase.
  • When you work with more than one online order source, the problems compound…
  • It’s important that each order source has an accurate available quantity. Xcellerated Solutions has tools and tricks to ensure that your connecting information has the same view on every platform, and that all your internal processes can keep them up to date.

End-to-End Process Automation (Order Capture, Shipping and Inventory System, Shipment Tracking, Website Order Status Visibility, Funds Capture, Accounting)

  • If you’re only processing a few orders per day, it’s no big deal to manually process your orders. You can update each online E-Commerce source directly, and with a little copy/paste activity, you can keep your various tracking systems in sync.
  • When you work with more than one online order source, the problems compound…
  • As experts in data conversion and integration (with experience and savvy in any modern development language) with deep Accounting and Business Process experience, Xcellerated Solutions is your ideal partner for developing a solution that fits the way YOU do business, while automating every possible touch point that can introduce error or delay.

User/Integrated vs Programmer Maintenance of Products, Pricing, and Customers

  • Anytime humans are responsible for editing, creating, or updating data, it’s important to implement every possible safeguard to prevent errors from introducing expensive or embarrasing problems. Attention gaps, skill gaps, and attitude problems all contribute to lost sales and lost confidence when data problems happen.
  • When you work with more than one online order source, the problems compound…
  • By having a single point of authority in your system for any given set of data (the system point of truth for inventory may be a different system than the point of truth for customer profiles) and establishing schedules for automatic data updates and synchronizations, you can eliminate 95% of the problems you encounter. This confidence rises significantly over time when repetitive errors are found and added to the workflow remediation rules.
  • Xcellerated Solutions can help you imagine your rules and can write the code (or coach your staff) to build high-confidence systems.

Security and Liability: Credit Cards, Customer Information, Privacy

  • With much confusion about security and liability concerns around Customer data (especially credit card, financial, and health information), Security SHOULD be a primary priority for every organization that conducts business online.
  • When you work with more than one online order source, the problems compound…
  • Xcellerated Solutions has the experience, talent, and resources to help you ensure your systems are as safe as possible. XS will also help you ensure that your disaster recovery and backup options are as safe, reliable, and cost-effective as possible.
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