Why is Business Intelligence (BI) important to your business?

Business Intelligence (BI) is complicated. It’s hard to understand. However, having an understanding of what BI is and what it can do for you and your company can and will help your business processes thrive.

Business Intelligence goes beyond simple reporting. It provides you with information about your business. It helps you identify trends, spot inefficiencies, and make more educated decisions.

Xcellerated Solutions has years of experience with BI tools. We leverage tools to help you gather your data from multiple sources, extract information that you can act on and strategize with, and make it presentable and understandable. We help you make sense of the raw data from your system. We help find the weak links within your supply chain or figure out which areas you are strongest in (regions, products, production, etc.).

BI requires business systems to collect data from.

Our software of choice is Acumatica. With Acumatica, all of your data is in one place and provides you with accurate, real-time data that is YOURS. Acumatica is the BEST system a business can have, no matter what needs a company has, Acumatica meets those needs.

A Few Key Benefits of Acumatica Include:

  • Automatically aggregate data from different sources

  • Analyze data and create a visual with Power BI (a product of Microsoft)

  • Role-based security

  • Drill down with natural language querying

  • Per-user customizable dashboards

Want to see Acumatica's full Business Intelligence and Analytics product sheet?