This article highlights a handful of innovative companies that are using unique hardware and software solutions to provide unique capabilities to modern business.

The following are companies highlighted in the article:

  • Skydio — AI-enabled industrial and cinematic drones
  • Skycatch — 2D and 3D Site Analysis Modeling
  • Flytware — Warehouse Management specialty drones and sensors
  • Airlitix — Greenhouse monitoring solutions
  • Zipline — High-urgency payload delivery solutions
  • Aerialtronics — Solutions for visual inspections of utility assets
  • Skyspecs — Solutions for collision-free wind mil inspections
  • Flyability — Drones designed to access difficult-to-reach spots like sewers, vents, etc.

Any business that has outdoor projects, scattered assets, security issues, inventory yards, or PR or marketing needs can leverage drones in either a private fleet or using a professional drone company.

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