Businesses around the world are being forced to evaluate how they can enable their employees to do their jobs without being AT their place of work. Talk of working remotely has been a more common thread in business considerations than I have seen thus far. If for no other reason than to continue to operate, remote work is far more important now than it has been previously. At least the general business world thought so.

Being able to have remote enterprise is becoming the new standard. Some businesses are implementing temporary cloud capabilities while the COVID-19 pandemic closures exist. Others are embracing this as an opportunity to transform their business, to create capabilities that will cause their business to thrive even beyond the pandemic. These businesses see the benefit. These businesses are the industry leaders.

What are the benefits? Rather than tell you myself, I’ll let Acumatica explain. Being at the forefront of the Cloud ERP industry, they know better than anyone how your business could survive and even thrive in the face of worker isolation. If you would like to learn more about how you can elevate your business, read more here: