Using drones in a business gives a company an advantage over their competitors. Drones provide advantages such as safer, faster, and more efficient inspections, monitoring, maintenance and inventory management.

Construction companies can use drones to provide aerial photography and/or videography of a construction site or building to have a completely different view and perspective of their construction project. They may also use drones to conduct inspections of cell phone towers, tall buildings, and other dangerous operations or inspections that need to be conducted.

Drones can be used to scan and count inventory inside of warehouses or out in fields. Drones can be used to make commercials or advertisements for a business. Drones can be used for virtually any use that can be accessed by air. Even in proximity situations such as inside a house giving a virtual tour, inside a forest following a biker, or inside a warehouse taking inventory and using developed technology and software to count and supply accurate readings.

The setbacks to using drones is that they are an expensive investment for a company to make. A company would need to spend money and a lot of time on the drones themselves, training, safety guidelines, maintenance and usage costs, as well as the proper licensing to use the drones in a commercial environment safely and legally.

Businesses need drones and the benefits and advantages they provide. Xcellerated Solutions can and will provide the benefits and advantages of drones. We have all the skill, training, licensing, and equipment to provide a safe, productive, and overall positive experience and the product you need and want. Without breaking the bank and spending years trying to figure out and develop the techniques and requirements to introduce drones to your business. Contact us to receive a free consultation and quote. We can and will fulfill all of your ERP and Drone related business needs.

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