While movie theaters are closed for the time being, I’ve taken some time to go back and revisit some movies that I haven’t seen in a good while. As anyone who knows me understands, I’m a big super-hero fan, and an especially big Spider-Man fan. I’ve enjoyed every single Spider-Man movie that has been released, both the good and the bad. Spider-Man 2 holds a special place in my heart among the many releases under this IP.

For me, this movie drips with nostalgia. From the second that the classic score starts playing, the entire movie is so familiar, like a childhood friend. It holds up well, given that it was released in 2004. The visual effects are dated but are not distracting. The writing is very campy and hokey, but it is so goofy and fun in the context of the story that it enhances the experience rather than distracting from it. What really carries this movie is the themes that it carries through the narrative. There are many lessons taught, giving it a lot of heart.

My favorite scene in the movie is arguably one of the most iconic super-hero movie scenes of all time: the train rescue scene. Spider-man has to stop a broken train full of New Yorkers that is going full speed toward a ledge. Stopping this train is one of Spider-Man’s greatest feats of strength, and after successfully doing so, he loses consciousness due to exhaustion. During the rescue he had lost his mask, exposing his face to all of the people on the train. As they bring him inside to safety, hundreds of people see his face.

While In the movie everyone keeps Spidey’s secret, it would be better to avoid exposing private information like that to the world. All of these people were well-intentioned, but that is not true of everyone in the real world. There is a lesson to be learned here in the context of the business world, and your organization’s data.

Keeping your information secure is vital. When your business systems are working effectively, the people who need access to certain information should be able to easily access it, while limiting what other employees can access and change. Having the proper measures in place to prevent an attack can help you avoid having any issues. On top of this, having proper back-ups of your data for when things actually do go wrong will absolutely save you.

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