Yesterday was one of my favorite movies of 2019. This movie follows an aspiring singer-songwriter, Jack Malik, as he attempts to gain traction with his music career. On a bike ride home one night, electricity goes out around the world, Jack is hit by a car, and the world forgets about the Beatles. However, Jack remembers them and their songs. Jack begins to recreate the Beatles’ songs by memory as if they are is own and can get away with it because the Beatles’ never existed in this reality.

While it is a fun and unique concept on its own, the execution of the song covers is extremely well done. Even though I have never been a huge Beatles fan (I appreciate their music, but they aren’t something I listen to on my own time), I really appreciated the portrayal of a modern-day, world-wide, musical takeover story, similar to how things went down with the actual Beatles. Music is one of my major passions in life (who doesn’t love music though?). The story based around music made this hyper-enjoyable for me.

One of my favorite themes in this movie is the cost of success. Jack becomes incredibly successful very quickly thanks to some unique exposure and key connections he finds with his close friends and potential love interest. He is introduced to the right people at the right time that accelerate things in a natural growth pattern. Similar to this success pattern, we as businesses need to be on the lookout for the right connections that will help us grow our businesses naturally and in a cost-efficient manner. Jack’s cost of success was strain in his relationships. Your cost of success as a business is more likely to be strain on your budget (if you aren’t talking to the right people). However, if you are keeping an eye out, you might just find connections that can bring you success faster and cheaper.

The other key to Jack’s success in this movie is his secret. He knows about something that the world is seemingly ignorant to. He has this secret formula to songwriting and creating hits (they have already been created for him, but the world doesn’t know that). Similar to Jack, our clients have found a secret to furthering their success without breaking the bank. We have a unique knowledge about business operations, ERP systems, integration, and cost-saving automation with features like EDI, e-commerce, inventory control, and many others. How did they find out these secrets? They just asked.

I guarantee if you are feeling pain in your business ERP systems, we can help relieve the pain. We’ve got the secret formula (and if we haven’t resolved your specific pain point before, we are masters at figuring out the solution).

All you have to do is ask. We’d love to share our secrets to being a successful business.