Knives Out is a fresh new take on the classic murder mystery genre. Influenced by movies that came before, Knives Out takes the formula of the old and turns it into a new kind of adventure that feels familiar. The characters in the movie are well-defined, with actions that make sense and motivations that don’t feel out of left field. The main word I would use to describe this movie is “coherent”, which is remarkable for a movie with so many characters and a plot with many moving pieces.

The writing in Knives Out is remarkable. With clever dialogue and characters with actual personalities, it all feels very believable. Many movies in the murder mystery archetype have characters that are over the top, almost parodies of themselves. While these characters are parodies of many types of people we see in the real world, their writing still makes them believable. Never does someone behave unrealistically for the sake of getting a laugh out of the audience. Yet, the movie is remarkably funny, with a real personality and wittiness.

One big thing that bothers me about many movies in this genre is that by the time you get to the end, it could be anyone that could have done it. It’s either that, or they make it far too obvious early on who the killer is. Knives Out strikes the perfect balance between these too. There are plot points and clues throughout that make it so the big reveal makes sense and feels properly alluded to, without making it too easy to figure out who is the guilty party. In the end, the pieces all fit together and follow a reasonable series of events, leaving the watcher satisfied with the conclusion.

Knives Out is an extremely complex movie, with a plot that has many moving pieces. If even a little bit of it is mismanaged, information is lost or inconsistent. The complexity of this movie is not unlike that of the operations of a business. Having one version of the truth in your system, consistency in your data, is incredibly important. This is why having proper integration between your systems in place, or an all-in-one ERP, is so important. With so many moving parts, having consistency among the information is vital. If you’d like to know how you can better manage the complexity of your systems, we’d be happy to help!