This week I knew I wanted to review a horror movie. I love horror movies. I have watched probably half a dozen horror movies in the past two weeks, with a bunch more before that. I’ve watched everything from creature movies to paranormal to suspenseful psychological horror. The Ritual, The Golem, Before I Wake, Crawl, and Apostle are some I have watched recently, and they were all very fun to watch. As I watched these movies, I found myself entertained, but not scared. I could tell the merit that these movies have in the horror genre, but I was underwhelmed by the lack of fear I felt. At least one of these movies should have scared me right? Why didn’t they? I have sat and thought about the ideal horror movie for me and I think I found the element that is missing. The missing component that would put the fear right into my heart is inefficient business systems. After discovering how scary that idea is, I came up with a concept for the scariest movie the world has ever seen.

One aspect of this movie I have created is lack of automation. In a few scenes, we will be forced to watch employees of a business performing manual data entry from one system to another. These employees waste hours of time and so much of the company’s money, all for the lack of automation. Can you imagine how terrifying a scene like that would be? Absolutely bone chilling.

Another aspect of my movie builds on the previous aspect. After you have to sit here and watch the torture and terrifying data entry, you are hit by a psychological twist so intense it could make a grown man cry. What is this twist? You find out that the data entry was LITTERED BY INCONSISTENCY AND DATA ERRORS! I’m about to cry just writing about it. Not only do they have to do this grueling task, but the invalidated and incorrect data will now cause unforeseen disasters in their business systems and processes for months to come. Even worse, the characters may not even know it is incorrect for months. Are you scared yet?

The final bombshell of the movie is that you find out these horrifying concepts are based on real businesses. If that doesn’t put fear into your core, you may not understand the implications of how these above concepts can affect your business.

All jokes aside, the members of your business may be wasting by with manual data entry. This is a waste of money and time. You should have your time going toward business-building activities, not cumbersome busy work. Fortunately, we have have helped many business move their data from one system to another continuously without error. Do you have need for that? I would think you’d be scared if you haven’t noticed already. Let us help you.