Crawl was a really fun movie to watch. It had just the right amount of suspense without feeling overwhelming. I really appreciated how well this movie portrayed the challenges and fear that someone would experience in a natural disaster. However, the twist on the threat of this disaster is that the hurricane and flooding aren’t the only thing endangering the main characters. Their secondary threat is alligators. While not as physically big as the hurricane, these alligators are just as dangerous to the lives of the people in the movie.

While the movie focuses on the effect of these disasters on humans, you might also be able to imagine what the effect of the disaster would be on businesses in the area. The big variable on how these businesses would be affected is what measurements they have taken on disaster prevention. Some examples of measures a business could take are backups, having your systems in the cloud, a plan for procedures to be taken in an emergency, etc. However, these large scale preparations aren’t a guarantee to stop worse things from happening. In the movie, the levies break and the flooding exponentially gets worse. If your front-lines emergency plan for your business fails, the damage to your systems/data could get much worse.

Another thing to think about are the unforeseen dangers that happen in an emergency. Obviously, you are going to think about the direct consequences of a disaster. They are the most apparent. But what about the “alligators” that are hiding in the aftermath of the disaster? There are lots of smaller things that could arise that end up doing more damage due to less preparation for them. I could list examples for our business, but your business is different.

What are your gaps? What things are you missing in your emergency preparation? Which metaphorical gators are going to eat your business alive if you don’t prepare for them? We would be happy to help you figure those things out. Spoilers, but sometimes a little outside help can be the thing that saves your life, even if you are hurt along the way. Let us help.