Baby driver is one of my favorite movies. The characters are fun, the plot is entirely enjoyable, and the action is fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of this movie the first time I watched it, as well as the second, third, fourth, etc. As far as criminal heist movies go, this one is the cream of the crop. While I enjoy all the fun on the surface of the film, I can’t help but be fascinated by Doc’s organization and the implications of running something like that.

Doc is a leader and heist organizer for an ever-changing crew of criminals. In many ways, this criminal organization has many of the same needs as a legitimate business. They most likely have need for a financial system, a good CRM to manage contacts, good inventory management for both their assets and their haul from the heists, and many others. Doc’s business no doubt needs something that can properly support all of their operations. Something that can track of everything, can use GPS to track their “delivery” drivers, can use BI tools to determine the best routes, can manage all of their “employees”.

In the movie, Doc says that he never does a job with the same crew twice, rotating out many operators and hand picking them individually to make the team for each job. It appears he’s been at this gig for quite some time, so I’d bet that he has a near army of people he works with. Many ERP systems charge per user, and with a team like Doc’s, he would be paying an arm and a leg to keep their system running. If I were to, hypothetically, be a consultant for this business (which of course, I could not do ethically or morally), I would highly recommend an ERP that uses consumption-based pricing, like Acumatica. That way, they would pay for their ERP based on the size of their organization and their consumption, not how many individual users need to access the system.

As Doc’s crew gets into more and more trouble throughout the movie, eventually meeting its bitter end, I have no doubt that they did not have the right system for them. Every organization needs something that fits the way they do business. They need the right system to not only keep things running smoothly, but to grow and evolve over time. Doc’s business fell apart, but with the right system, yours doesn’t need to.

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