Spider-Man: Far From Home is a delightful experience from start to finish. Being the first Marvel film after Endgame, this movie had to be something special to keep the masses interested in the universe. I can imagine that there’d be a lot of weight on the shoulders of a movie that has to follow up to that, and it delivered. It held up very well when viewed as a standalone movie, as well as when viewed as a part of the whole. Now, I’m going to get into it going forward, so *SPOILERS AHEAD*.

Easily one of the best parts of the movie was the villain, Mysterio. Mysterio was portrayed fantastically by Jake Gyllenhaal, and his special effects were absolutely breath taking. What I found most fascinating about Mysterio was his method of creating the illusion, a network of automated drones with various tools such as hologram projectors. In this situation, all of those drones would have to work perfectly in unison. If anything went wrong with a single drone, the illusion could be broken.

This is a real lesson in automation. Mysterio’s drones were able to work together so well because all of the processes were automated. In the same way, your business processes should work together in unison. With a good ERP system, your different processes are automated and integrated in a way that makes them work together seamlessly, creating the perfect dance of operations that you need.

On top of Mysterio’s automation, he was also able to integrate EDITH with his system, which is a challenge in and of itself. Properly integrating third-party tools is something that can really change an ERP system and give you extra functionality that you need. I have no doubt that Mysterio’s team worked very hard to get that integration working, but it seems for them it was worth it in the end. In your business, having an experienced team behind customizations and integrations is a necessity for success. If you’re looking to integrate with external systems (like Mysterio’s team did with EDITH), be sure to give us a call.

Speaking of EDITH, there is a good lesson for security and user rights. EDITH is a massive security network with extreme military intelligence and advanced weaponry that is given to a high school student. Although that seems ill-advised, I’ll trust Tony Stark on that one. In the same way, a good ERP system has a lot of power in it, and who you give access to that power matters. This is why it’s important to have an ERP system with good security that gives certain users rights to parts of the system that they need and use, while locking down functionality that the user shouldn’t have access to. If proper security had been applied to EDITH, perhaps Mysterio would have never achieved control.

All in all, this movie was fantastic, with many lessons to learn. When running a complex operation, it is important to have the proper tools and the proper team behind you. Keeping things running smoothly may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With years of experience, Xcellerated Solutions can be your team behind the scenes, helping you achieve proper control over your system. As long as you’re not an evil organization that is destroying entire cities and attempting to trick the world into believing that you are actually a super hero, we’d be happy to help.