I’m really excited to be able to write about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse this week. Spider-Man has always been my favorite super hero, so being able to talk about him, as well as how it relates to the work I love.

To start out, I feel like I need to flat out say how incredible this movie is, all business considerations aside. The animation was clean, artistic, and like none other. The story, character development, and action sequences were also top notch. I took my wife, who HATES superhero and action movies, to see this movie and she absolutely loved it. It was that good. If you have not seen this movie, you absolutely should.

All right, let’s get on to our purpose here: how Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse teaches us about ERP systems and business in general. The most glaringly obvious lesson we can learn is that when it comes to powerful technology. With great power comes great responsibility. In the movie, Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) has created technology that allows him to break the barriers between universes in an attempt to bring his family back to him. Unfortunately, the multiverse and the consequences of messing with the boundaries of the multiverse are past Kingpin’s understanding (or at least, he doesn’t care about the consequences). This paints a powerful picture on rights management within ERP systems and other technologies.

Without proper rights management, Kingpin was able to mess with the fabric of the multiverse. This created a threat to the integrity of reality as they knew it. Reality began to collapse and multiple Spider-Beings converged where the shouldn’t be (redundancy is scary sometimes). In a real world ERP system, people having access to things beyond their understanding and/or level of need can create a liability for your business. Whether by innocent user error or malicious interference, mistakes can escalate if people have access to things beyond their capabilities/clearance level. You could duplicate data, delete data, or even tear a hole in the universe. That last one hasn’t happened yet, but do you really want your system’s rights management issues to be the cause of the collapse of the universe? Learn from this movie’s errors and set in place proper user rights on your systems.

The next lesson I learned is that not all ERP systems are created equal. In the movie, the original Spider-Man is successful and beloved, but dies early on in the movie. You also have alternate universe Spider-Man who has, to be blunt, turned out to be hard to work with and generally a failure, with the occasional shining moment. You also have Gwen Stacy, who is very powerful and smart, but doesn’t necessarily fit into that universe. Miles Morales is young and talented, but new to the game and required training before he was fully up and running. What does this have to do with ERP systems?

Like the original Spider-Man, there are ERP systems that work incredibly well while they are supported, but eventually reach their end of life. Where will you go for a replacement? Some systems are like alternate universe Spider-Man — clunky and hard to use, but will do the job. There are many systems that are like Gwen Stacy — would absolutely get the job done, but aren’t necessarily a fit for you. You need an ERP system that would help you feel at home. You want the Miles Morales of ERP systems. You need a system that will support you and be supported for a long time with powerful new capabilities and functionality. Transitioning to a new system will always take training and getting used to. However, once you are up to speed, your system will empower you to go further and grow faster.

What do you say? Don’t settle for an alternate-universe ERP. Find the one that is the right fit for you. Don’t know where to start? We can help with that. Just ask us and we will get you started on your path to finding the right system for you.