If you are lucky to be old enough to remember Saturday-morning cartoons in the 70’s and 80’s, you MIGHT remember the Shazam!/Isis Hour. The series was a rare sighting unless you were around for the original run in the mid 70’s, but because I happened to be obsessed with Spider-Man and Batman during those days, Shazam! was awesome. Sure—it was cheesy 70’s drama, but we didn’t know any better…

And yes, there was REAL confusion when I heard Captain Marvel and Shazam! were coming out in the same year. (Again, if you weren’t eating Fruit Loops in your jammies with me in 1976, you probably don’t fully understand the confusion. Forget the Marvel/Sony/X-Men/Spider-Man licensing issues—when DC and Marvel universes collide on the name of pretty major superheroes, it makes it difficult for some of us who weren’t in the loop and had to do extra research to figure out the source of the confusion.)

Approaching this type of movie (deep-seated childhood emotional hooks) can be weird—since we already know the overall character and it’s clearly different from the original source material, there is a real risk for disappointment. This is especially true when the trailers paint a character picture that seems so different from the serious, dramatic feel of the 70’s series.

Sure, we have all the modern film techniques, CGI capabilities, and other fancy magic, but will the story fall short? (This is important! It must be done right!) We also have a never-ending stream of super-hero movies that have sort of saturated the genre from every angle possible.

Business operating systems (ERP) run a similar risk—we have experience (some in our organization go deeper than others), and we tend to find comfort in situations that cater to the comfort in that experience. Even though the scope, technology, context, and capacity of ERP systems has dramatically increased in recent years, there is often a real institutional fear of embracing the new changes and a tendency to “do nothing”

Shazam! was delightful—in every way an upgrade to the original series. Of course—the special effects, recording technology, and style were all upgrades—failures here would have been unforgivable. No disappointments.

What really shined was the storytelling and the humor. It was fresh, funny, and entertaining. The sassy attitude toward bullies and the camaraderie of the characters made it a fun ride. The action and flow made for a balanced, satisfying experience.

At the end of the day, your experience with your ERP systems should be balanced and satisfying. Your ERP system should give you all the modern conveniences—where you need them and when you need them. There should be flexibility and power, but it should be entertaining and easy.

Both Shazam! and Acumatica are well-balanced, entertaining experiences. We’d be happy to discuss either with you—give us a call…

923 thoughts on ““Long Lunch” — Shazam!

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