Fun Fact: The first time one of the Xcellerated Solutions staff skipped out on work (for a “long lunch”) to see a movie was on April 2, 1999. It was the Friday of opening weekend, and the entire department decided to see a movie together: The Matrix

The tradition started slowly. The next time this nefarious behavior continued was in 2003, when The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions both hit. One of those was a lunchtime escape, and the other was a 6:00 am world-wide opening pre-work viewing — both by two of the founding members of XS while working together in a previous life.

After XS started operating in 2004, the “long lunch” has been a regular tradition for our staff. We might not make the weekly “tee time” for our movie every week and every employee might not be able to attend together each time, but we do it when we can.

Our company culture enjoys movies, and we also enjoy parodies, puns, and ironies. We also like tech, security, automation, and all things geek. This ERP blog is a way for us to pretend that we’re as funny as we think we are. (Our spouses and close friends would not necessarily discourage any not-so-positive commentary on our musings. They think our egos need some deflating. Your comments and insights are welcome. Please be kind, though!)