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    Evaluation – Frequently Asked Questions

    The Evaluation forum is for discussions about BatchMaster and how it stacks up against its competitors in the process manufacturing software arena.

    As a community, there is a strong chance that somebody has faced similar challenges. No two implementations are the same, but sharing challenges and solutions can help everybody improve.

    Q: What are the rules?
    A: Keep it safe for work, keep it friendly, and keep it relevant to BatchMaster.
    A: No advertising is allowed on the forum.
    A: Links to external websites should be relevant to the forum.

    Q: Is discussion limited to BatchMaster?
    A: No! This is not a BatchMaster sales funnel! The purpose of this forum is to collaborate and mutually design best-practice solutions. Sometimes BatchMaster is the best fit for an organization, but sometimes it’s not.

    Q: Is discussion limited to Process Manufacturing Software?
    A: Maybe not strictly, but it should be related to a Process Manufacturing solution to be relevant to this group. (Feel free to ask any question, however. Chances are that somebody has run into the same issues before.)

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