Since you’re reading this article (unless you’re an AI bot), you have interest in BatchMaster and are likely a long-time user. (If you’re a new user, then welcome!) BatchMaster has some exceptional capabilities, but often its greatest strengths (the potential knowledge hidden in its database) are underutilized…

Hopefully you’re looking for ways to improve your experience. (It’s still possible, beneficial, and very rewarding to leverage your investment to increase your profits and enjoy your workflow—even if you’ve been told, “that’s not possible”.)

You might have already noticed—BatchMaster is a proprietary product, and for the most part, companies have no experienced support options outside of the software publisher. BatchMaster does not use VARs (Value Added Resellers) the way many ERP software publishers do. As a result, there are few consulting resources within North America that are available to help.

As time goes on, the number of available consulting partners and resources for future BatchMaster projects will not increase, and it will become harder to find talented and responsive consultants to assist with BatchMaster projects.

Xcellerated Solutions has its roots DEEP in BatchMaster—we have actively supported (on a weekly basis) multiple clients with BatchMaster-related projects since 2006.

We have extensive experience with the BatchMaster database structure and have built thousands of custom reports, live-linked Excel spreadsheets, E-Commerce and EDI integrations, and performed database-level data conversion and maintenance.

Our custom applications have integrated with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM (and GP), SPS Commerce, TrueCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Amazon, HighJump, QuickBooks, Acumatica, Sage 500, and Sage 100, and other systems on VERY deep levels.

We have several database experts with DEEP SQL experience. (We have successfully troubleshot and managed (DBA) massively complex SQL environments with datacenters on multiple continents with $Billions in revenue.) While BatchMaster is built on a very stable database platform (Microsoft SQL Server), BatchMaster RARELY does a competent job of managing your databases, your backups, or anything related to maintenance or security. (This is REALLY important stuff!)

As a trained/degreed accountant (who got his start at a CPA firm), I’ve trained my team to be DEEPLY experienced in all aspects of accounting and the flow of documents into and from accounting systems—even when they are code junkies (most of them ARE!) I (LITERALLY) win 100% of T-Account competitions against accounting professors, CFO’s and Controllers, and even CPA’s. I’ve never lost a competition, and they have always bought me a congratulatory dinner afterwards. (It’s actually pretty cool how well we understand the accounting side of ERP systems. It’s fun to be able to have intelligent conversations—and sometimes act as interpreters for—accountants and IT people. We live in both worlds.)

Although we do development and consulting work for MANY ERP systems, we’ve spent so much time with BatchMaster that we can’t help but love working with it. We love walking the shop floor, seeing how different companies approach similar problems with different solutions, and helping people’s jobs become more enjoyable through better technology usage.

There are many things we can do to help make your life easier and more profitable. We can help!

If you need advice, help, or an ambulance for your BatchMaster environment, PLEASE reach out to us—a 15-minute discussion might be eye-opening…

Strategies for BatchMaster:

  1. Get a new perspective—talk to us and let’s see if we can’t fix some lingering headaches.
  2. Evaluate problem points in your workflow—can we help eliminate (or at least improve) them through automation or integration?
  3. Eliminate all manual data entry points that could be sourced electronically—let’s integrate your islands of information!
  4. NEVER hand-key EDI data again—let’s use everything BatchMaster has to offer and eliminate all chance for mis-keys.
  5. Leverage your data—let BI and reporting tools (both statistical and financial reports) do their job—we can set these things up.
  6. Optimize your database—we can help with configuration of your server environment and can tune things to speed up your reporting SIGNIFICANTLY.
  7. Contact Xcellerated Solutions (button BELOW!) and set up a no-obligation discussion to see if we can help…

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