Inventory can cause pain in several different ways. From inconsistency to wasting time doing too many physical counts to not having enough inventory, you might be wasting your money. Cloud-based inventory management provides an option that could resolve several of your inventory pain points. Acumatica, a Cloud-based ERP solution, provided an article with a look at how the cloud can help you resolve these inventory management issues. In their article, the main points of discussion are:

  1. Stock traceability and insight
  2. Real-time and remote warehouse management
  3. Supply chain management in the cloud
  4. Cost of inventory and accounting data processes
  5. Consolidating your inventory management and distribution systems

It is a great article and can give you some insight on just how game-changing a cloud system could be for you. We would love discuss what kind of system would work well for you. If you are interested in a free demo, please contact us. Also, please go read the article from Acumatica, found below:

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