It’s time for a software change, and you’re finding that most ERP-based manufacturing software functionality tends to lean toward discrete manufacturing—things you can count or sort. If your process requires a chemist, these are a dead end!

If you must mix, blend, formulate, batch, age, or otherwise use a PROCESS to manufacture your finished good, BatchMaster has proven to be a solid software solution. When your products require SDS (formerly MSDS) sheets, lot and bin tracking, quality control, and revision histories, BatchMaster again steps up and checks all the boxes.

BatchMaster has a long history of acquisitions and evolution and has emerged as an industry leader. Although there is a large community of users, there has traditionally not been a venue for formal, non-BatchMaster-mediated collaboration.

We’re excited to sponsor and promote the BatchMaster Users’ Group Forum, and there is a special section dedicated to evaluating BatchMaster before your purchase decision.

If you are investigating BatchMaster, please consider visiting the forum, posting your questions, and asking existing BatchMaster users about their experiences directly.

We’re hoping this section of the BatchMaster Users’ Group Forum will help people in their software evaluation decisions by providing assistance:

  • Allow prospective buyers of BatchMaster to ask real-life users about their experiences.
  • Provide a way to fact check salespeople—does the software really do what it says it does?
  • Discover how others have conquered challenges that SEEM unique to your situation (but really aren’t).
  • Find out what challenges others have had with implementation, data conversion, etc.
  • Are there better options for your situation?

We’re not BatchMaster, and we don’t care if you end up buying BatchMaster (or not). Our community would love to be part of your decision-making process.

Come visit the BatchMaster Users’ Group Forum and get the conversation started!

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