Artificial intelligence has become a staple in sci-fi entertainment of all varieties. However, the kind of AI depicted in sci-fi entertainment isn’t the kind of AI discussed in an article by Keir Thomas-Bryant. His discussion of AI is focused on how AI can positively affect the jobs of accountants. The main points of this article are:

  1. Predictive and forecasting solutions
  2. Smart assistants
  3. Automatic tagging and allocation of transactions
  4. Anomaly detection
  5. OCR solutions

Machine learning is fascinating and can provide automation beyond what was previously capable. The section on anomaly automatic tagging was especially interesting to me. The machine learning of how you tend to tag things to predict how you will do things throughout your workday is promising.

In short, the future of technology (specifically artificial intelligence) could provide automation and error prevention like never before seen. To read more examples of how AI could help accountants, click the button below:

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