Avengers: Endgame is the end of an era. As a massive marvel fan, this movie was everything that I could have personally hoped for. As an ERP fan, I have some thoughts as well. There are many moments in this movie where ERP functionality is used or could be used, showing the true power that a good system can bring.

**If you haven’t seen it, there are spoilers ahead.**

As the Avengers are sitting around early in the movie talking about who has gone missing, it became apparent to me that they must have a good CRM. They keep track of all of the people important to them, no doubt having relevant information available. This kind of management of information is vital to a business, and while you can get CRM software on its own, it can become all the more powerful as a part of a more elaborate ERP like Acumatica.

Another part of the movie where a good system was vital was the entire “Time Heist” section. Once the Avengers begin going back in time to borrow the infinity stones from the past, things became complicated. They made it clear that they were not using the more common movie version of time travel, but one where changing the past made alternate timelines break off from the main one. This kind of time travel requires a lot of precise project management as to not create all kinds of nasty spin-off universes. In situations like this, having good workflows built into your system to keep track of what needs to happen where is important. No doubt the Avengers had some sort of system managing all of this.

Lastly, the final battle would not be possible without proper management. There were many impressive aspects to what Doctor Strange pulled off when bringing everyone to the battle, but one of the most impressive is how he was able to know who he should bring, and where they all were. While it is true that Doctor Strange was using some Master of the Mystic Arts mojo to keep track of it all, a good ERP would do the exact same thing. The power to coordinate all of your forces to do the job they need to do and be where they need to be does not require magic. Having a system in place to manage all of your different personnel with all kinds of different jobs doesn’t have to be difficult.

Does your organization have the proper systems in place to pull off something as big as what it took to beat Thanos? It probably doesn’t, but it can. A good ERP is incredibly powerful at enabling the success of any organization, including the Avengers. Contact us today to see how you can gain that same power of organization and efficiency.

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