Welcome to our first ERP Movie Review. Today, The Matrix is in my sights and I’m ready to dig in. The Matrix has a lot of sci-fi concepts that seem too good to be true. That is only because you have to reframe your perception of the movie to know that it is a parable for business systems, specifically ERP systems. With that in mind, The Matrix is one of the best movies about ERP systems ever made. There are *SPOILERS* ahead, so if you haven’t seen this movie from 1999, you should probably go see it before you read on.

Let’s talk about the machines that have taken over. These are the enemy. If you haven’t figured out the rather obvious comparison, the machines are poorly designed, unintegrated, and unbalanced business systems. They take over the known, terraform, and control humanity inside of a simulation. It is a great commentary on your business systems. If you do not take control of your ERP, your systems will end humanity as we know it. Acumatica Cloud ERP is a great example of an ERP system that would prevent the apocalypse in The Matrix.

Neo, the protagonist of this movie, pulls off a lot of crazy stuff. Because of the heavy use of symbolism in this movie, they never say outright how he is capable of such amazing feats, other than him being “The One”. What we figured out is that he is “The One” because he is empowered by Acumatica Cloud ERP functionality. For instance, at the beginning of the movie, Neo is offered a choice between the red pill and the blue pill. There are a lot of consequences for each pill. However, because Neo used Acumatica’s reporting functionality, he was able to analyze all the data and realize the red pill was the correct choice for him and humanity.

Another example of how Neo is helped is in the training scenes. Neo becomes a master of martial arts and other skills rather quickly. Again, they never say it (because they want you to figure it out yourself), but the whole sequence is an artistic visualization of the team using Acumatica’s built-in help files to learn all these skills. Each and every one of these screens are detailed and teach you how to use the program. In this case, I’m guessing someone did a martial arts customization on their instance of Acumatica.

One of the craziest moments of the movie is when Neo stops hundreds of bullets in the middle of the air. How crazy is that? Well, you’d be surprised that this is completely plausible through the power of a good ERP system. How is that possible? What the movie didn’t tell you is that bullets in this world are all embedded with RFID tags. With Acumatica’s ability to track the whereabouts of RFID-tagged inventory, Neo sent out a kill command to these bullets to stop their workflow.
These are only a few of the blatantly obvious ERP use cases in The Matrix and we know there are more. Please, leave a comment to let us know what creative ERP uses you can think of!

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