Empower Your Business, Embrace the Solution

Excel Live Reports

Custom Excel reports linked directly to your live system data

Database Development

Conversions, integrations, development, and customizations

Accounting Software (ERP)

Accounting software customization, training, and unrivaled expertise

Inventory Management

Keep record of and maintain accurate inventory counts, costs, and flows


Visualize and analyze your data

EDI Integration

Seamless, customized EDI done the right way


Manage your customers, keep your sales pipeline flowing


Connect to your store to your systems

Warehouse Management

Keep your warehouse organized, know where everything is

Supply Chain Management

Make sure you have enough when you need it. Optimize your process

Software/Cloud Development

Your processes when you need them, where you need them

Workflow Automation

Free up resources by automating repetitive, menial tasks

Our Goal

Provide Exceptional Value

The ultimate goal of XS is to make you feel like your investment was worth more than every penny you put forward.

You deserve to feel like your business is winning. Let us help you overcome those hurdles that might be holding you back from potential success.

Agile Skill Set

XS has the ability to adapt to new problems and find the right solution for you

Quick Turnaround

Your timeline matters. Get your projects done when you need it

Highly Experienced

More than 2 decades of consulting experience allows us to tackle your problems with confidence

Personalized Team

Your experience will be personal. You’ll have a dedicated set of consultants available to you when you need them.

Technical Specialists

By trade and by hobby, we understand technology of all kinds inside and out.

Integrate, Coordinate, Automate

Xcellerated Solutions LLC (XS) are your partners in making your data work for you. Over 20 years of solution-building have given us the tool set to find the custom, correct solution for each and every business. Whether we build it for you or help guide you to the right solution, we’ll take care of you.

With a dedicated team of consultants, you’ll have personalized, custom solutions in a timeline that works for you. Don’t wait any longer to automate your business.

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ERP Software Specialty

We know ERP inside and out. No matter the product, we can help you get the most out of your ERP Technology.

And many more...

Xcellerated Solutions loves drones

Drones have a special place in our hearts and in our business. From inventory/warehouse management to commercials to gorgeous custom media, we can use our fleet of drones to bring something special to your business.

Blog & News

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By Dan Jeppson -- If you’re currently using BatchMaster (often called BME for BatchMaster Enterprise), you’re at some stage of feature adoption that’s different from everybody else. You’re somewhere on a spectrum between “having heard of the BatchMaster software” and “being a power user with SQL skills and development capabilities...

Batchmaster — Process Manufacturing — Evolving

By Dan Jeppson -- This article (published by BatchMaster) shows the evolution of the currently branded BatchMaster product, excluding the Sage sale: BatchMaster History Alternatively, this article focuses on what happened to the Sage (Platinum for Windows) evolution: Sage History Both articles show different perspectives on how the current BatchMaster...

Get the Most Out of Salesforce

By Porter Jeppson -- Salesforce is one of the most well known and possibly widely used CRM technologies out there, and for a good reason. It is user friendly, cloud-based, and extremely flexible. The out of the box solution does great things, but for many, it just isn’t enough. Many...